Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 5


Time is flying by. Missionary time is at least twice as fast as normal time. Kind of like tennis time. It’s been another fantastic week here in Fredrick. The weather is still pretty nice and not too humid. I'm told that that doesn't last too much longer though, so we are enjoying it for now. I got the bike. Did not get the bike lock though… not sure what’s up with that.

We played indoor soccer as a zone today and that was so much fun. I think Jack would have been proud - my stats for the day include both a fair number of goals and assists. What can I say, I learned a lot watching you play. I am definitely missing playing ping-pong with you Jack. Those were good times. haha! That’s great you're playing tennis. If the ball is bouncing too high just move either forward or backward so you still catch it in your strike zone. York will teach you that. Maybe one day you will be able to beat me.... maybe…

Jenna will have a blast at girl’s camp. It is crazy that she is that old already. They grow up so fast. Is Jordan going this year too? I bet the two of them would have fun.

So we are doing great. We have four progressing investigators. Progressing investigators are people who have taken at least two lessons and are keeping commitments. Those are fun lessons to teach. We are teaching a young Catholic family right now and its fun to see them kind of connect the dots as we teach them things, especially the plan of salvation. It seemed to answer a lot of questions that they had. It's neat to see that. Another family we have been teaching is a part member family. The oldest son is a return missionary and the rest of the family are not members. We have the younger brother getting ready to be baptized but the mom is tougher. Her oldest was not a super obedient missionary and they have been used to meeting with other less obedient missionaries. It is hard to convince her that we have something very special that other church’s don't have because we don’t think that she has seen the change she wanted to see in her oldest. She is doing good though. We think she will be baptized, it is just a matter of time.

We are having a hard time finding new investigators lately. Since our area just split we gave away half and are now trying to rebuild. Slow and steady. It has been great to continue to learn from Elder Hibbard. He is the district leader so I am on exchanges all the time. It’s pretty crazy. Dinner appointments have also been low lately. The ward is all excited to have sister missionaries. I don't see what the big deal is personally but they like them more than us I guess. If I had a sarcastic font I would have used it there. The sister missionaries are great to have in the mission, even though they take our food and investigators.

Hey, what do you call an alligator in a vest!? --- An investigator! Ahaha Mission jokes...

I painted a house the other day. That was fun. We also mowed the biggest most over grown lawn I have ever seen. Plus we used an electric mower, which just does not work very well. Haha. It was good to be out side for a few hours and work on my missionary tan. It’s coming along nicely. We also moved to our new apartment on Saturday. The actual living area is much nicer but there is no gym. I'm kind of disappointed about that, but maybe we will just go and use the other elder’s gym. Plus, I have my nifty footwork ladder which wont let me down. Footwork can always get better.

Its funny, in the mission field we have some pretty awesome church music. haha I am loving the acoustic guitar hymns Dad got me and the Joseph smith talks are awesome. Then we have Insideout Accapella, which is always good. Some of the other elders have some pretty funny CD's, which are apparently still in use today. Who knew? We have a CD that I think is called Popcorn Boppin. It’s a collection of church songs that have pretty much been remixed. They are pretty sweet. Then I had one of my elder buddies burn me a CD of what he said is some pretty sweet cello/piano music. I just got that today, haven't heard it yet but it sounds sweet! When I get back, be prepared for some righteous tunes that will uplift and entertain at the same time. If only Jack Johnson covered the hymn book....

I got an email from Caleb today. He gave me the update on the tennis world. Sounds like it has been exciting! Queens and Wimbledon just around the corner. Great to hear from him though. Always fun.

Sorry, no pictures today... turns out I’m not really a shutter bug. Maybe I'll pick it up later. Who knows…It is cool to look at all of the trees here. Everything is green.

Oh! Good news - there is a world wide missionary broadcast this coming Sunday. Rumor has it there could be a new version of Preach my Gospel rolling out. But we don’t know…

Fathers' Day was yesterday! Happy Fathers Day! Dad - I love you and I really appreciate everything you have done for me. You have taught me so much and have helped me to be the best I can be. I feel like you helped cultivate a desire for excellence and continuously helped me work toward success. You have supported me in everything I have tried to accomplish. I am very grateful for all of the time we have spent together and the work you have done so far to teach and prepare me for my mission and the rest of my life. I'm sure you were a fantastic missionary and I hope my service will be nothing short of exemplary as well.

On Fathers' Day I also thought a lot about what Heavenly Father has done for me. There is a story in the pearl of great price that I stumbled upon just prior, which really tells a lot about God as our Father. Moses 7:25-33. Enoch sees God and he sees that God is crying. Enoch is surprised, he says you are God, the most powerful and glorious being in the universe, how or why are you crying? God replies in verse 33 and says, "I have given them a commandment that they should choose me, their Father, but behold, they are without affection."

God is happy when we do what is right and succeed in life and He is also very sad when we choose to do things that he knows will bring only sadness. That is why he has reveled his gospel to us. He knows what will make us happy and bring us joy. He has tried to show us that and hopes we learn from His teachings. He also provided Jesus Christ as our Savior so that when we choose amiss we have a chance to learn by experience and grow greater.

Love you guys,
Elder Hinkle

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