Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week 6, July 24, 2013

To whom it may concern,

It has been pretty warm here. The car said it was 100 yesterday. I tried to ride the bike but when we were pulling out of the parking lot I went to turn and the handlebars turned but they didn’t turn the wheel. But no worries, I only almost crashed. It has been years since I have ridden a bike and that wasn’t a great way to start off... So, I have to get that fixed soon. Humidity hasn't seemed too terrible yet.

We have done a lot of service this week. It has been nice to be outside a lot, but I can only watch as my Nike Vapors get trashed... I've tried to clean them a couple of times but it doesn’t work too well. It's all good though. We have pulled lots of weeds, moved a lot of furniture, mowed some lawns, worked in a soup kitchen, etc… It’s all good fun.

Two days ago we were playing basketball with another set of elders. The two of them collided and one ended up with a dislocated shoulder at 6:45 in the morning. It was an adventure dealing with that. So we called Sister Richards, the mission president's wife, and asked what we should do. She said to take him to an instacare. The instacares were closed at that time so we just went tot the ER. We all went back there with him and they gave him some narcotic. He was so loopy. So pretty much everything he said ended up as an ongoing joke for the last few days. About an hour after we left, the entire mission gets a text from president saying "if injured and instacare isn’t open, do not go to the ER. And PS. Do not give the mission insurance as the primary insurance." Haha. Apparently we did everything wrong except the first step: call sister Richards.

Hey, what do you call an ocean full of noodles?     A-Pasta-sea ahaha.. I'm sure these get old fast…

The work has been going pretty well. We have a girl named Stephanie who is getting baptized Saturday. Elder Hibbard taught her for a while, I taught her once and then we gave her to the sisters. I barely knew her but that is exciting. From what I have seen, she is pretty solid.

We have one lady on date for baptism, July tenth. She is pretty solid. She is committed but her husband isn't. Unfortunately, he is working in Syracuse right now and we can't really teach him. He was here this last weekend along with his parents, also not members. She was kind of nervous about the whole situation. She wanted to go to church but she did not end up making it yesterday. Not sure what happened, hopefully it wasn’t because of her family.  Oh, also we might be going on a temple trip with her soon to the DC visitor’s center. That will be cool. 

I told you about he Catholic family last week, right? And I think I mentioned another family we are working on. That’s the one with the return missionary son and the rest of his family are not yet members.

Soon we will get a new investigator. There is a family in our ward whose daughter is getting married to a nonmember on the condition that he takes the discussions from the missionaries. Haha. That will be fun. We are going to meet with the family to coordinate and get to know them better. Apparently the nonmember guy agreed but is really nervous. Haha

Those are our most interesting investigators right now. As far as less actives go, that’s a whole different story. Haha My favorite less active guy to talk to now is probably a guy. He is insane! haha. He is like the classic conspiracy theory guy. He talks really fast and goes off on all kinds of tangents. We go and talk to him, keep him company. He is a single old guy who lives in this little apartment. He is also a hoarder, so he has stuff everywhere. There are piles of books and whatever else he has all over the place. The only clear place is where there are three chairs set up so we can sit and talk. I have no idea where he sleeps... also kind of a germaphobe--instead of shaking hands, we touch elbows... I'm going to help him break that habit. Ridiculous... So he finally came to church yesterday. Which was good. Apparently, he googled me and found my SVU Tennis record. Hahaha. Naturally he asked for my autograph. He has an autograph book and now I'm in it. haha That may or may not be why he is my favorite. haha No, we have lots of fun talking to him. Hopefully he starts coming to church more.

The broadcast was great yesterday. Did you guys watch that at all? No new preach my gospel, they were announcing stuff that we already knew. Social media and working with members. It was really good though. Talks from a few general authorities.

It is amazing to think that I have been gone for a month. It doesn't feel like it. Where has the time gone?  I met this guy in our ward. He is from a big tennis family in Utah. Him and his brothers dominate the Timpview record boards. He has asked me to hit with him but I don’t know that I will. Tempting though. It has been fun to talk to him a little bit. He had a brother that went on a mission, returned, and then played at Utah state, and then BYU. I'll play with him if he finds a nonmember to play with us. That would make it a finding activity and central to my purpose as a missionary. haha But I'm not sure that will happen. No worries though, I stay pretty focused on the work.

Anyways, That’s a little background on some people we are teaching. I will let you know as we get new people or people progress. As President Monson said, "a mission is a family affair." I will try to keep you guys involved in what I am doing.

Everyone is talking about man of steel. Especially Elder Barzee. Did you guys see it? We have also heard Star trek was really good.

I have also been busy honing my put-pocketing skills. It has been pretty funny. One of the APs came to one of our trainings. It was his birthday so I slipped him a pass a long card saying happy birthday. I'll get President Richards one day.

I have $6.44 left on my mission card this month. Eating healthy is not cheap. Augh!! Trying to eat an apple a day leaves you penniless.... we also have not converted any doctors lately. My friend eats ramen all the time and has $100 left... I'm trying to take out a loan...

Anyway, I've got to go now. Groceries to buy, people to teach…

Love you guys,
Elder Hinkle

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