Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 11, July 29, 2013

Hello family!

I am just marvelous this week!  I played tennis with a ward member. He is the one who is related to the Ensign's. Pretty cool guy. He wants to play a lot now. haha Hopefully we will hit again on Wednesday. Six am sharp. Did you see the racquet I played with? Super retro babolat, pure control. It was the forerunner to my weapon of choice. Unfortunately, it was just the team version so it wasn’t weighted how I prefer. Oh well...

The week has gone well. We made more contact with our investigators. We did end up teaching one. We painted and then he was called to go somewhere and had to leave. But we persisted... only a few days later we returned to mow his lawn and then we shared the message. We shared with him the restoration. He wants us to believe that he is a devout Catholic but he seems pretty open minded to me. We committed him to begin reading the Book of Mormon and pray about the restoration. We will see how the story unfolds.

On Wednesday, I went on exchanges with Elder Urses, the new district leader. He is Elder Barzee's companion. Super chill guy. I convinced him to come to the gym with me and that was the start of a great day, as usual. We had a great study session as we prepared to teach families later that day. First up, one guy is a fantastic guy. He feels the message is true but he wants to learn more before committing to be baptized. We had a great discussion with him and he accepted the invitation to take his study more seriously. After following up with his fianc√© at church yesterday, we found that things have been going well. He hasn’t missed a night. We will meet with him tomorrow and find out more. They are to be married the morning of the 5th I believe. Exciting times…

And now we are on to this girl. She has been difficult to meet with lately. But with her awesome member family returning from Ireland, she was at church once more. Great to see her again. We chatted for a bit and we are hoping to set up an appointment with her soon. Should be cool. She is still reading the Book of Mormon. Seems to be good. She doesn’t get married until December, which is good. Her impending family in law seems a little over the top.

There is so much that happens in a week it is hard to remember everything. I forgot to talk about the one family... haha We did meet with them too. They are interesting. He is a strong Catholic lawyer combo. He asks a lot of questions. They got into some pretty deep doctrine before we turned that ship around and told them once more that they really need to read the Book of Mormon. These people... looking beyond the mark...
Oh yeah! So we met with another family recently. She is a recent convert. We met them for dinner at the bishop's home. After a delicious dinner we shared with them a bit about what we believe. They are super prepared to receive our message. The lesson went well and they seemed to really connect with what was being taught. They left excited to read the Book of Mormon. Fast forward to this week. Her sister was in a terrible accident. Truck verses golf cart. Unfortunately, she was in the golf cart. She really messed up her lower leg as she was thrown from the golf cart some distance and landed on a barbwire fence. She has undergone a few surgeries to try and repair the damage but it is still unclear how long she won’t be able to walk. It wasn’t a pretty wound. When she showed me the pictures it took me right back to my days in sports med. You could see that the muscle was partially severed and the bone seemed to be barely visible. But she is alive. We took the opportunity to go over with the bishop and give her a priesthood blessing. So that’s neat. For the closing prayer my companion looked at me and mumbled something. I assumed he volunteered to give the closing prayer, along with about half of the other people in the room. We were wrong. After he had apparently asked me to offer the prayer, we sat in silence for a fair amount of time waiting for someone to begin. You could have heard a pin drop. haha After a good laugh we got it sorted out and we left a blessing on their family as they are going through a difficult time.

Great Grandma Hinkle- I am glad to know that you are reading my letters as well. I heard that you noticed that my frequent, almost overbearing use of "haha" denotes that there is more to say. That is spot on. I wish I could describe some of my experiences in greater detail. I am limited by my writing skills, communication skills in general, and the time I have to write. The situations that I am in are priceless and I can only wish that each day of my mission was a tv show. I am quite certain that the only way for you guys to really understand and comprehend the different moments I have would be to see them. If these two years were a movie it would be a spiritual, comedy, action, drama, comedy show. Yes, I know, I said comedy twice. It was for emphasis.  Now that I think about it, I should emphasize the spiritual aspect as well. Maybe the action...

I think my time is up pretty soon. It was great to hear from you guys again. I wish you the best as you guys do what ever you do. Hopefully all is well. You guys look tan in the pictures you sent me. I am too... but only my face and forearms. haha It’s all good though. I’ll have the summer after I return to get the tan back. I have to say that it is just so great to be a missionary. Life is good. Never a dull day. I get to do a lot of good things and I am really enjoying the opportunity to be in this position. It hasn’t gotten old yet and I do not expect that it will. I'll just keep working hard and having fun. Talk to you guys next week.

Love you guys,
Elder Hinkle

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