Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 8, July 8 2013

Hello. My week was fantastic again. Time goes so fast. The days have just started to blur together. Good news is that it never gets old. It’s a little hard to grasp that is July and Wimbledon, which was crazy this year, just finished. (I did hear a bit about Wimbledon. I swear I don’t seek out tennis news, it just finds me:) Transfers are almost here already. I won’t know if anything will change until this coming Monday. Where has the time gone?

This was 4th of July week and naturally the missionaries set up the biggest party in town. The commanding general spoke along with the mission president. It was a pretty neat party, plus we nabbed three potential investigators out of it. It was held at one of the stake presidency councilors’ house. He was a colonel in the army and he has so much space. We could not do as much yard work in our yard in a year as we did on his yard in a day. haha It was pretty fun. We set up tents and decorations of all kinds. We had a giant American flag hanging in between two massive trees probably thirty feet in the air. We got a big banner around a campfire area that was pretty high up too. President pretty much uses this party as an excuse for spring cleaning so we did everything from power washing his house to weeding to painting a ton of wooden tables. It was quite the project.

The party was great. There were about thirty missionaries there. We were everywhere!! haha We directed parking and welcomed everyone. I think it was a fantastic event to help give the missionaries and the church a great reputation. There was breakfast and a program. I was in a men’s choir singing God of our fathers. Who knew there was a song in the hymn book that called for trumpet fanfare? haha After we cleaned everything up. There was probably 500-600 people there.

We picked up two new investigators this week. Pretty neat. The first one came on Thursday. She is staying with a member family in our ward. She is really good friends with their daughter. We went over for dinner and to talk with her a bit. We were called about an hour before dinner started so we were excited to get a dinner appointment. Dinner was delicious. We had these fish tacos and fresh fruit. It was probably the best food I had been given on my mission up to that point.   But we realized quickly that we had made a terrible error. We weren't quite sure what the family or investigator was expecting from our visit that night. So our lesson was kind of awkward. She was not very forth coming and but she agreed to meet with us again, which is good. We left thinking that the lesson wasn’t super stellar, but the family thought it was good. We are having a family home evening with he and another family tonight. Should be cool.

Our next new guy went much better. He is the fiance of the daughter of the one of the families in our ward. He called Brother to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage and Brother  told him that he had to take the lessons from the missionaries. haha This family is a great family. In order to avoid a sub par initial performance, like we had, we visited Brother and Sister the night before to coordinate a little bit. It was good to learn from our mistakes. We coordinated and got to know the family better. So then when we came over the next night, things went pretty smooth. They cooked us dinner and the food really started us out on a good note. We had the thickest hamburgers ever. haha They were solid burgers. After dinner we transitioned to teaching the investigator. We had gotten to know him a bit at dinner. He is quiet and seems like a great guy. He kind of reminded me of Brant when he was dating Kristy. A little awkward and nervous around this big family. But on top of that he was around a big family of mormons which he is marrying in to. Oh, and the dad was there. haha He was a little nervous. We started out talking about the Holy Ghost and asked him to pay attention to how he felt as we shared the message of the restoration. The whole family was great and each member was willing to participate in the lesson and share answers to questions we asked them. We hit the first vision and he was hit with a spiritual wall. This guy showed like every physical sign of feeling the spirit testify of truth. haha His breath quickened, his eyes watered, he smiled. You name it, it happened. Kind of funny, but in a serious way. haha The family also made the good move of not pressuring him at all. We really stressed that he really needed to find out the truth of our message for himself by praying and asking God if it is true. His fiance offered the closing prayer and I think she made quite the impression on him when she started crying emotionally halfway through. Remember, they are not pressuring him. No pressure what so ever. haha Just playin’, that’s understandable. We meet with him again on Tuesday. I just realized that Tuesday is tomorrow... haha

The lady who was on date to be baptized on Wednesday moved to Syracuse. My companion is devestated…haha I think it is a blessing in disguise. In my opinion, is she moves up there and immediately gets baptized it is like free publicity. The entire ward will know that she just moved in and that she just joined the church. With the big push for member missionary work, she will get so much attention. haha We should be in contact and I will let you know what happens. Not sure on the date yet though for her baptism in Syracuse.

Writing letters in the library is a race against the clock. There is too much to say in a one hour time block. At the end of one hour it kicks you off. It’s a pressure situation. You have no idea. You guys get to think about what you want to say, maybe even hit the spell check button. I just type as fast as I can. haha It is hard to write back to everyone because of the time. Again the computer types over stuff if I go back so sometimes my thoughts get disconnected. Its not my best writing but it will have to do. I also have the habit of randomly hitting the shift key so sometimes I capitalize random letters.
I took over the area this week. That was fun. Elder Hibbard left to exchange with another elder. Elder Briggs and I teamed up again! haha He was my mtc comp. It was fun. Elder Hibbard doesn’t like biking much, but he left and neither of us could drive so we broke out the bikes! I fixed the handle-bars, don’t worry. haha Turns out that elder Briggs doesn’t like bikes too much either. We only rode like six miles and he looked like he had been through war. This isn’t even six Utah miles, the hills here are pretty much level. haha It was a little funny but obviously I wasn’t laughing at him. That would be mean. I loved it though. First time on a bike in forever. haha It was mostly funny because we rode out to this members house and she wasn’t home. Our next two appointments canceled so we rode back home for dinner. haha Classic right? I’m not minding the heat too much either. I think it feels good. Elder Briggs was pretty exhausted though. The mission rules say dinner must end at six unless in an appointment. Elder Briggs, who just so happens to be the most by the book missionary in the zone, insisted that we rest. Naturally, I did sit ups. haha Just kidding, I obviously prepared for our next lesson. I'm not 18 anymore... We went to a house (have I told you about him?) and we practice taught him the restoration. He loved it and It was cool for us to teach together again after both of us have gotten more experience. It was a neat day.

I liked your thought on the lectures on faith, dad. The quote saying they put "most studious attention to qualifying themselves to the all-important object of qualifying themselves as messengers of Jesus Christ, to be ready to do His will in carrying glad tidings to all that would open their ears, eyes, or hearts."

I believe in fundamentals. I make sure to set aside time every day to study the fundamentals of the gospel. I find this time to some of the most beneficial times for personal improvement. I love studies in the morning. We get up early and work out. I always make sure I work out hard. 1. to stay in shape and 2. to wake me up. After workouts I have a delicious and nutritious breakfast and then engage in my studies. I prayerfully consider what to share with the people I am preparing for and when I am done with preparations I try to study to gain understanding and improve myself as a missionary. When we get our study time in the morning, the entire day goes better. I have to say though, I do not envy you reviewing anesthesia for a couple hours each night. haha

I take a lot of criticism for how I spend my money, but it has become clear that I am not a bad budgeter. I spend all of my money allotted and eat the best food and I don’t run out. I get close, but I don’t run out. I buy calculated amounts of food. Each week- exactly 7 bananas and 7 apples and appropriate amounts of supplies need to make delicious food each day of the week. You know just in case you were wondering. haha I seam to remember you asking if I was starving, so I thought I would share. The only problem comes when other people eat my food, like Elder Hibbard for example. haha But its cool, who ever should take one loaf of thy bread you shall offer him another. That sounds like it could come from the scriptures, right?

I do appreciate the tennis updates though those are cool. Again it types over stuff so I’m not going back. Am I right in thinking that Murray is the first Brit to win Wimbledon since 1938? Or was that just the last grandslam won by a Brit? Fred Perry, if any of you are wondering who that was....

Anyway... I am running out of time again... haha Its probably the most stressful thing in my life right now…
So instead of going to play basketball in the mornings we are going back to the gym. My comp wants to loose weight and I set him up with a pretty sweet work out routine. So that’s good. I like being able to use weights and stuff as long as I have the opportunity. I hope I can start biking more. Good news is that we went over on miles last month so now we have to have a car fast, which essentially means we can’t drive for a day. haha Which means-- BIKING! hahaha I’m stoked. Elder Hibbard, probably not so much. It will be fun.

I got the letters from Jeff and Scott. Its good to know the blog is working. I am glad to know you found gang man funny, because I still laugh about that sometimes. Ah, with all of these people reading the blog I am going to have to start thinking of more interesting things to say. haha And then type them up as fast as possible. This has been a long letter. The computer has never given me so much time to write. I hope life gives you guys enough time to read it. 

I can’t believe Jenna got stung by a jelly fish. haha What are the odds? 

That’s cool that Cameron was blessed this last Sunday. It is neat. We have a part member family who recently had their son blessed. The dad is not a member and he had a good experience. He wants his son to serve a mission. haha And he was at church Sunday and we had a lesson on baptism. Coincidence? Definitely not. He was following the lesson pretty well, just taking it all in. Last time we talked with him we shared the restoration, at the moment he doesn’t really desire to know if the church is true or not. A little indifferent, but we are talking to him Wednesday. Should be good. 

I hope everything is going well with you guys. I'm sure it is. I should probably go now.
Working hard and having fun as usual.
Love you guys 
Elder Hinkle

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