Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week 19, September 23, 2013


Jack! Sounds like you had a great game! Five goals!? That is a solid performance. We played soccer today. Not quite sure how many I scored today but it was up there. I definitely got a hat trick... What was the term for four goals? I had three goals from far out today. Two were right footed and one was lefty! It was  pretty sweet. I was really working on some ball control today and kept trying to pull off some fancy footwork. I also had a few quick touches for some assists. Those are fun to set up too. haha It was fun. Wore my Spain jersey again. So we were both red. haha Mom sent me a picture of you playing. It was pretty sweet! That’s good you are in a tennis class! If you work really hard and keep playing then when I get back... you might win a couple points. hahaha Just playing, everyone knows you’re a pro.

So… the race was not this week. haha But its this coming week. So this Saturday. haha We are stoked! It’s will be quite the sight to see all of these missionaries running the 5k in shirts and ties with out vibrantly colored running shoes. I’m looking forward to it. Some people...not so much... haha

I have heard a lot about the BYU game. My companion keeps bringing it up in our appointments. I finally turned to him and said "Elder, its our job to uplift the members. It’s not to keep rubbing salt in their wounds." haha Everyone wasn’t super happy about it.
Priorities... I did do some missionary work this week. I don’t just live for indoor soccer and tennis with Brother Ferguson in the mornings. haha but seriously. We had a great week this week. We taught a sister twice this week. Both times we were on exchanges. First, I was there with another elder. This was Tuesday. Her son was sick, and we were super excited because it provided a perfect opportunity to teach about the priesthood. So we went over and talked with them. She had a few clarifying questions about our last lesson on the word of wisdom. We answered them and she said that it made sense. She has really accepted that teaching based upon pure logical information. Again she bore testimony to us that nothing good will ever come from a night of drinking or any kind of drugs. It’s a true story. Then we explained the priesthood and offered to give her son a blessing. Her son was sick with something called hand foot mouth disease and was in the hospital all of Monday night. He was home from school all week and he wasn’t feeling too great. We gave him a blessing and he is now feeling much better. So, the next visit I was not there. They taught the law of chastity and from what I’ve heard, it went really well. But here we go...the plot thickens. Saturday morning before I got back from exchanges she texted and said something to the effect of "Hey, not sure if I’ll be at church tomorrow. I am thinking that I need to think about some things." We haven’t met with her since so we don’t really know what’s up. But she did come to church haha and we have an appointment to do a family home evening with her and the Turner family. Brother Turner's family is awesome so we are excited for that tonight. But for now, I’ll leave you with that cliff hanger.

When I was on exchanges the elder I was with put on a clinic for street contacting. haha We talked to a ton of people. Part of that was that we were on bikes. Finally I got to ride bikes all day! It’s so much better than sitting in the car! haha It was a blast. We met one guy who is nineteen and just starting to really think about religion and stuff. My bike chain had popped off and he stopped and asked us if we needed help. We didn’t really but as I was fixing it my companion started talking to him and we ended up setting up an appointment with him the next day. So the next day, we met him at noodles and co. It’s a delicious restaurant and his place of employment. We had a great discussion and got to know him. Turns out he lives in my area so we are hoping to be able to continue meeting with him this next week. He is a great guy with some great desires to serve other people. It was inspiring to listen to what he has done to help people.

We also had interviews with president this last week. It was not noteworthy. We waited all morning to talk with him for about ten minutes... not super beneficial. But I did ask some important questions. I found out that I can read two books that I have been wanting to read. Lectures on faith and believing Christ. I thought I would have to wait two years to read them but president approved them! Do you think that you could send me out a copy of those books? I’m stoked to read them. They both give an in depth look at two very important principles, faith and grace, which are seemingly simple. But I am feeling like these principles are often taken for granted and not understood as well as they could be. The more I study the basics, the more I realize that I may be able to recite them and even teach them clearly, but I do not know that I have the understanding required to apply these simple principles in order to get the most out of life. I won’t have time to read them in personal study since I will be busy preparing messages for the people we will see. But I will definitely have time during lunch and dinner and right before going to sleep. I will have to sacrifice some ab work out time but that’s ok I guess... I do like to read about ideas and principles of high level performance.  I can’t believe I haven’t read these books yet..

By the way, I have some troubling news... my vapors are finally starting to show some signs of wear... ugh, I’ll have to send you guys a picture next week. My shoes which were traditionally so well taken care of and exclusively used on the tennis court are a far cry away from my collection of past models back home. For once the top of the shoe may be equally trashed as the sole. No worries, there is no hole and I am sure that there will be some time before the bottom will break, but it is still crazy to see. It’s good though. Where the shoes go, the man follows. As I have moved from chasing victory on the tennis courts to doing anything and everything to help the people we meet with (i am shoveling manure tomorrow...) My shoes definitely reflect the transition, and I love it! I keep them close to my desk as a reminder that everything I once had must now be used for the benefit of those whom meet in this journey.  Peter, the apostle, was originally a fisher. We may assume that he was knowledgeable, skilled, and talented in the art of fishing. It’s how he spent his time and made his living. He loved it and he had found his niche. When the Savior called on Peter and his brothers he said, "Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men." His invitation was not to drop everything they knew and had in order to start over. His invitation to Peter was to take his unique skill set and background and repurpose it toward the work of salvation. "And straightway they left their nets and followed him."  The call came when Peter was working and doing what he loved and did best. Because of Peter’s decision his life was greatly blessed. Through the experiences that followed he grew greater himself as he grew closer to the Savior than he ever could have before. The Lord now wants those same blessings to be extended to all of us. I am confidant that when the Lord asks us to lift those around us He is asking us to take what we do best and use it for the benefit of other people. I have seen it happen in my mission. We are taught that the Lord puts us as missionaries in specific places because we are unique. I am sure that when the members get involved it is the same situation. It’s always like that in my experience so far. It is so exciting to see the members reach out to their friends and to see them experience the joy of working with the Lord in the work of salvation. The work takes many forms and I am continually impressed with how people make an impact on those around them.

I have to run now. We have a busy day a head of us. I hope all is well back home. You guys sound great and it is always good to hear from you. I will talk to you later. Until then...

I love you guys,
Elder Hinkle

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