Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 22, October 16, 2013

Hey guys! Sorry I didn't get to email on Monday...library was closed. We were going to email yesterday but we had some things come up and so now its Wednesday. It’s great to hear from you guys though! It sounds like you are all doing well and staying busy. 

I can’t always remember things from pre-mission life. As time goes on the mission veil only gets thicker. haha

Jenna sent me a picture of her Halloween costume. I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween already! I want to start a missionary boo. I’m thinking of printing off a picture of a ghost with a tie. haha Someone just gave us a platter of sixty cookies so we need a way to put them to good use. I think we might also set up our car at the trunk or treat. haha It’s going to be fun.

We stopped by the Kippen’s last night to talk with them about conference and stuff. We were talking to them about their trip to Utah and stuff and it sounds like they had a great time. They got my favorite session of conference too. Anyway... so they started talking about spending time with the Ensign’s and Sister Kippen kept calling me Josh. haha It was so weird. Then Bishop Kippen was all, "No he’s not Josh. He is Elder Hinkle. You can’t just be dropping names lie that." haha It was so funny. Love talking to them. They have started reading a book about missionary work and are all fired up! We love it! I can’t remember what the book is called but I’ll let you know if you want to check it out.

Then Sunday night, the Ferguson’s had family in town so they invited us over to meet their family. haha I met Brother Ferguson’s sister who played tennis for BYU! It was pretty sweet! She was pretty cool but I totally forgot to ask her for some advice... psh… not sure what happened there.. mission veil...Haha

This government shutdown is driving me’s all people want to talk about…but on the bright side more people are home in the afternoons! I’m not sure I should be happy about that but it’s nice for us. haha

I appreciate your prayers for Drue, but sadly I must inform you that she canceled the baptism. Pretty crazy turn of events here…we were all set and it was Thursday night. We had spent all day making a program for the event, inviting people, making sure the home and visiting teachers could come, securing refreshments , and whatever else.  She opened the door asking if we had got her text and we were all like, "What text?"  Super weird conversation though...Really fidgety, pretty much no eye contact. Kinda’ defensive... not like Drue. But she told us that she just wasn't ready to be baptized. She still loved church and meeting with us but the baptism was canceled. We said that was fine and set up an appointment for the next day. I’m hoping for the best. If she truly isn't ready and doesn't have that spiritual confirmation that this is what she needs to do then it is a very good thing that she didn't get baptized. That's the way I see it anyway. So this gives us a good chance to really help her get that.

Last night, I was on exchanges with an Elder Welch. Says that Dad did his anesthesia for some operation. Anyway... we had a good day and we were going to finish up by visiting Ricky. Hopefully, you remember Ricky, I always will... haha So Ricky is the most harmless person ever. Nicest guy you will ever meet. Janet lives in his basement. Ricky calls her Vicky and she does not like it. The funniest things happen in that house... haha so on the way I was telling Elder Welch about Ricky. All about how he was a pretty shady character. He ran with a tough crowd and had been arrested a couple of times before. Told him that he was a crazy drunk and that I really hoped he was in a good mood that night. Elder Welch, being a fairly new missionary, kinda’ asked what he should do in our visit. I told him that he needed to just not offend Ricky. Shake his hand firmly, never look him in the eyes, and he must call down the stairs to say hi to Vicky, because if we didn't she might get upset.  hahaha! So we get there and Ricky answers the door. I asked if Ricky was there and he just laughed. We walked in and I motioned for Elder Welch to call down to "Vicky." He did so. Janet aka "Vicky" is a super old lady. She screams back up the stairs "my name is not Vicky!!! Ricky! Stop calling me that!" Ricky is laughing his head off because he calls Janet Vicky all the time. It’s like his pass time, messing with Janet. haha Shortly thereafter I introduced Elder Welch to Ricky, member missionary extraordinaire. Then, we sat down on Ricky's couch and talked with him for a moment. We always sit in the same places in Ricky's house. So instead of taking our stuff in we have slipped a book of Mormon in between to couch cushions. So I sit down, and assumed it would be there. We talked and then at the end Ricky asked if we had a thought for him. I said yes. He asked if it was in the Book of Mormon. Elder Welch asked why I had told him to leave our stuff in the car. I smiled and reached behind my back into the couch cushion an pulled out my..... gospel principles book!?! hahaha Ricky pulled a switch and I totally missed it! Normally, I catch it but not this time. haha So after a good laugh I got my Book of Mormon back and shared our thought. It was priceless though.

Anyway...those are all of the highlights that fit today. It’s been a good week despite a series of unfortunate events. 

Love you guys,
Elder Hinkle

I printed of a ton of general conference talks and have been studying them. So cool. Elder Maynes’ talk on spiritual endurance still stands out to me. I loved that he made the connection between endurance and consistency. As a tennis player, I can definitely relate. I think a solid reflection of your spiritual endurance is your consistency of correct choices. I love that relationship. It’s really made me start to think about ways in which I can increase my spiritual endurance so I make more consistent correct choices. Spiritual fitness!!! Also, President Monson’s talk was spot on. I love how he talked about trials and what not and then stated that our purpose should be spiritual refinement. It’s true. That's what trials are all about. Also, Elder Ballard’s talk was inspired. We talk about it all the time with members. haha

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