Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 20, September 30, 2013

Hi again! I am a bit rushed today, so please excuse the lack of flow.. (I use that excuse way to much). Anyway, it was great to hear from you today. It sounds like you're all doing well. The primary program sounded great. That's a great opportunity to invite people to come to church. Ours is coming up and we are working with members to invite their nonmember friends to see the kids sing. For ours this year, the parts are all taken from the kids talks that they have given through out the year. It's a pretty neat idea.
It is turning more fall here. Mornings are chilly. The days are really nice though. Leaves have not started changing yet but I am sure it wont be long. The fall season will bring a lot of great service opportunities. Picking up leaves at Grandpa's house all of these years has prepared me well for the coming month. haha It will be a great opportunity to help out members and their nonmember friends. It's perfect because we will be able to talk to the people we are working with as well and get to know them. There will be a ton of leaves.
I am stoked for general conference this weekend!!! It is going to be great. as missionaries we are all really looking forward to it. We have been milking the oppertunity too. We have an investigator's inactive mother coming to her house to watch it, which is sweet. Then we have another guy who is going to a member's house to watch it. It's going to be fun. Our investigator went to the relief society broadcast this last week and loved it. From what we have heard it was all about keeping baptismal covenents, which is perfect for our investigators.
Oh, and we taught her about tithing and fasting at the bishop's house. We introduced her son to the bishop's son, so they could play while she went to the relief society broadcast. We went in and I just played with the kids for about twenty minutes. We played ninja. Unfortunately, they left me and just went and played with each other. They are friends now so thats good.
So...I also ran the 5k this week!!! Took thriteenth. Not bad but I didn't win... I ran it in about 22 minutes. It makes me realize how much I have gotten out of shape.. I used to be so much faster. It wasn't bad for being a missionary though. We all looked sweet in our shirts and ties with our running shoes. My bright blue nikes looked much better than the usual black leather ones.  More comfortable too..
Thursday, I went on exchanges with Elder Barzee. It was fun and we biked all day which was also fun. I think we rode about fifteen miles or so. It definitely beat sitting in the passenger seat all day. I am torn between being efficient with the car and being less efficient but getting exercise on the bike...
I played tennis with Brother Ferguson this morning. It was fun, but I broke his strings... haha Then he took us out to breakfast. It was a good morning. Brother Ferguson is hilarious, so we had fun. Our dinner conversation kept comming back to the sample of scapple that the resturaunt provided free of charge. When the waiter was telling us what scapple was, she defined it as being all of the parts of the pig that are unfit for sausage and hot dogs mixed together. haha As appetizing as that sounded we had been fed scrapple earlier in my mission and we advised Brother Ferguson to get something better. Noticing his indecision, the waitress brought a sample, free of charge, for us to enjoy. haha It was a fifties style dinner and I am pretty sure we were the only people in there who approved of laughter.. haha
None of the other elders would come play basketball with us so we have had a pretty open p-day. We went over and had lunch with another member and helped give his wife a blessing. She is pregnant and is having some complication.. I don't really know... They fed us lunch though. It's been a good p-day. Nothing like soccer but still pretty good.
In our 5th Sunday lesson I ended up sitting next to this girl who is about to leave on her mission. The lesson was given by Brother Turner and he taught about having effective fhe. Which would have been really interesting had I been able to focus because I've been to his fhe and it is really really good and he is a great teacher. I am told that the lesson was really great but im not really sure. I was totally distracted... this girl just started freaking out about going on a mission two days before she is supposed to leave and she decided to ask me about it... I missed almost the entire lesson. I just sat there in the back trying to help her out without breaking mission rules by offering counsel to some girl. The white bible makes it pretty clear  its really not my calling to counsel in personal matters. It would have seemed that my hands were tied but in our corellation meeting later that day I got the prompting to tell the sisters to go and visit her. Sisters counceling sisters is a little less against the rules anyway... Anyway, long story short is that she was excited to go and then Sunday morning she freaked out. We left class and I told the sister missionaries to go and visit her that night and now shes all good  and excited again. Yea. While I would have really loved to have been able to listen to Brother Turner I am glad that I was in a position yet again to follow the prompting of the Spirit and help someone out in a round about way. I love it when I recognize that I folowed a promting and it works out and I get to see all of it happen.
To answer your question this is the last week of the transfer. People keep assuming I am leaving because I have been here a while. I, on the other hand, am not so sure. I adamently assert that I am here to stay! haha Brother Bozman, Ed, wrote me a poem and read it to me last night. I told him I need a copy and when he gives it to me I will type it up for you. It was too funny. As he read it aloud Elder Dorsey and I were crippled with laughter. For the record, that was the first time an old guy wrote a poem about me. He scheduled his traditional expect-the-worst-end-of-transfer lunch.  In order to prevent any missionary from leaving without saying good bye he schedules lunch the week prior to transfers in order to arrange one last meeting. haha In case he is right please dont send anything to the apartment address.. Just send it to the mission address so it gets to me regardless of where I am. Not sure why I would say that.. I'm staying in Frederick for a long time time so it wont matter, right?
We have a lesson set up tonight with an older couple who invited one of their friends over to chill with us. We will be treated to more dessert and a great evening of conversation. Then we are going to share a spiritual thought from the Bible. It should be good. It is a great opportunity to help their friend feel the Spirit and get to know him better. It's exciting.
The Ferguson's are getting ready to make a move on their friends and invite them to learn more. Sister Ferguson has been wondering what it would be like to have them taught in their home so we are going to have the Ferguson's invite another investigator over for fhe soon to give Sister Ferguson a taste of what it is like. It will be great. Then we are hoping that she will be more comfortable extending the invite their friends to join us for dinner or something. It's has been really exciting to see the Ferguson's get involved in missionary work and reach out to friends. They have really started to be a lot more proactive about it and are now turning into one of the best missionary families in our ward at the moment. It's great.
Oh! Very important! As missionaries we invite people to do things all of the time. My invitation to you today is a very important one. I would like to invite you all to think of some different good things for me to eat. I've got to start mixing it up a bit. Anyway... I've gotta go. I will talk to you guys next week and tell you more about life in Frederick. Fortunately, thanks to email, what happens in Maryland, does not stay in Maryland.
Love you guys,
Elder Hinkle

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