Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 21, October 7, 2013

Hi! Great to hear from you guys again. Sounds like you are doing great. It's good to hear that Grandpa is doing well.
We have had a really great week this week! It's been really fun! If I had more time to write I would tell you all about it but the highlights will have to do. 
Tuesday, we went on exchanges. Elder Dorsey left and I stayed in my area with an Elder Hally. Pretty cool Elder. He is playing basketball at Westminster upon his return and used to live right next to Eagleridge. Anyway... we had an appointment with a guy who we contacted the week before, Frank. In the last meeting, we talked at noodles and co. and got to know him. After listening to him for a while our closing remarks were that we had a message we wanted to share with him that would dramatically impact his life. We met him again in noodles and co. because their noodles are delicious and Frank works there. We planned to share the message of the restoration. - In noodles, while eating noodles. just kidding, we ate before we taught. It went really well. Elder Hally and I taught pretty well together considering that was our first appointment together.  The Spirit was there  and the message seemed to make sense to Frank.  He definitely felt the spirit as he read it and we kept it rolling by informing him that Christ's church is again on the earth. Things went well. We then asked him if he would be baptized and he said he would. Pretty sweet lesson. It was one of those lessons where you walk out of it just super stoked to be a missionary. It is so good.
Later that same night Elder Hally and I took Drue to the stake center to see the baptismal font. Drue is doing great. I should probably mention that she passed her interview with the president. Everything went really well and she is going to be baptized this Saturday. We showed her the font and everything else that she wanted to see associated with her impending baptism. Then we took her into the chapel. I love doing church tours and finishing in the chapel. The Spirit is strong there and it is really cool to be teaching in it when its all empty. We went up by the sacrament table where we had set out some trays for decoration. We taught about the promises Drue is about to make with God by reviewing the sacrament prayers. We also emphasized that while she will get baptized in water only this Saturday, she can renew her covenants with God every Sunday and that it is a life long commitment. It was pretty great. I know I was feeling the Spirit.
So that brings us to general conference. Wasn't that amazing!? There were some powerfull talks. There is nothing like general conference for a missionary. in the opening prayer he prayed for all of the missionaries and I could just feel that support and sustaining influence. It was energizing. A very cool feeling to know that at that moment so many members were gathered in prayer and asked for a blessing on the missionaries. Anyway... we got a sweet invite to watch general conference Saturday morning. The sister missionaries from another area called us and asked us to come over and watch gc with them, a member, and a new investigator they had contacted that lives in our area. His name is Louie. Really chill black guy. He has one of the most soothing voices I have ever heard. He needs to read audio books, but that's not important... more importantly, he loved conference and the sisters made german pancakes. Does life get better?
We went over and watched the Saturday afternoon session with Drue. She really enjoyed it as well. We stayed in contact with Louie through text and he had stayed to watch the second session. We were stoked. Then we invited him to come to the priesthood session with us and he came with us! Even better there was an ice cream social before it started, which he came to. We introduced him to a million people but I heeded the voice of the Spirit to find his perfect fellowshipper. I just had this feeling as I was standing in line to dutifully eat my ice cream that I needed to go talk to this guy who  just got back from his mission. Not sure what I had to say or why I was leaving my new golden investigator, I figured it out right as I approached him. So I took Isaac, the rm, to meet Louie. Now Louie is going to a ysa bonfire with Isaac tonight and playing tennis with Isaac tomorrow. We will be meeting with him later in the week. Should be good. I'll keep you posted on his progress. By the way... the sisters taught the first vision and he believes that that happened. Also wants to read the Book of Mormon.
Sunday session we spent with the Ferguson family. Both sessions and breakfast and lunch. haha It was a fun day. Missionary marathon for them. We were texting Drue after each session about favorite talks and she watched all of the sessions. Then tonight, we are doing an fhe with the Ferguson's and Drue. It's going to be sweet. We have the lesson about feeling the Holy Ghost. We will try to get the kids involved. We are promised there will also be an activity so it should be fun.
Can I just say that I love conference!!! Please let Tyler know that the decision to go to homecoming instead of the priesthood session was the worst decision ever. Please use those words. Oh boy...
I had a lot of favorite talks.... haha Can't wait for the Ensign. Among my favorites were: Bednar's on tithing; Hollands talk, no surprise and then the finishing combo of the Sunday morning session. Elder Maynes through President Monson. Loved it. Love the idea of spiritual fitness. That's something I think about all the time. And then to be followed up with talks on endurance and capitalizing on adversity was great. As President Monson said - one of the best sessions ever!  The poem he shared was pretty sweet - the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees! (exclamation point!) haha
I know I have waited to the end for the most important news, sorry. But now I can finally tell you about zone soccer! It was a blast today. So we normally split into four different teams or so and switch it around a bunch. I managed to get my self on two maybe three teams (I'm not quite sure) today and I got to play for pretty much the entire time. ah.. So good.
It is great to hear that Jenna went to do baptisms this last week! Jenna, you will find that there is no place on earth like the temple and that it is one of the best places to be. Before I left, I spent hours there. Doing baptisms for the dead is a very important work. When you do baptisms for the dead you and I are very much on the same team as we do the work of salvation. You may be unable to pronounce their names but one day I am sure you will meet them and they will be filled with gratitude that you were baptized for them. Drue will also be going to the temple for her first time after she is baptized and we are excited for her.
Oh yeah... we had call outs last night as well. haha Staying in Frederick and stoked! This coming transfer is going to be a blast! I cant wait. When drue goes to do baptisms I will get to go with her and see the DC temple! Hopefully, I will remember the camera and I can send some pictures. Although I don't take pictures often, it is even less often that I remember to bring the camera to the library... haha sorry.
Great to hear that the books have arrived. Looking forward to reading them. I do love a good book to think about. of course I am never short of material of that sort on my mission. The standard works are always full of new insights. It's quite amazing. I often find myself wishing I had more time to study. There is just so much to learn.
Brother Kippen, Bishop Kippen = same person. They are there now haha super cool people. And yeah, he is the one who gave me the shoes. And I can't say that im thrilled with the twenty two minute time. Although I am a missionary now I can still remember when I was an athlete and ran faster... ugh.. I've noticed that my metabolism has slowed down too. It's not good. We just don't move enough. I don't need to eat nearly as much as I used to. Kind of a bummer.
hahaha!!! Elder Dorsey just got his tiwi card suspended for forty five days! We just barely got the call. hahaha Now, I should probably get mine... I've been a little lazy with that. I had just let him drive me around places. I have the stuff, no worries. and let's be honest, My odds of living past the fourth transfer just got so much better. haha Don't tell mom. haha Just kidding, I know she is reading this. But no worries, I'm driving now. It's all good.
It's true about what Brother Ensign said in his lesson. The mission field is full of success. I can't believe that I've been out four months. It doesn't feel that long at all. I only recently realized how old I was. Early on in this week, I was talking to someone who asked how long I had been out. I quickly responded that I had been out three months. I was talking to Elder Barzee who came out with me and that when I found out that I skipped a month. Whoops, my bad. At the end of this transfer, I will have spent a quarter of my mission in Frederick. Twenty five percent of my mission will have already happened. You will have received one fourth of all of my total letters. these stats are startling. the numbers are baffling. I cant quite understand where the time has gone. I have decided that I will just continue telling everyone that I've been out three months. If all of you could please do the same that would be wonderful. Except for any college tennis coaches.  We should probably be honest with them. Otherwise remember, three months.
I hope your fhe is going to be as good as the one im going to tonight. You have some tough competition, So good luck. I have got to go but I will talk to you again next week. Oh... I forgot to send you the poem Ed wrote... sorry. Maybe next week. He was convinced I was leaving. Can't wait to show up on his doorstep. haha anyway... I hope you all have a great week. Stay spiritually fit by saying personal and family prayer, holding personal and family scripture study, and having family home evening. - you know I will. A little more emphasis on the personal though since you guys are two thousand miles away...
I love you guys,
Elder Hinkle

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