Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 27, 2014

Our week was great! It is freezing cold. Really, really cold. But it has been a good week. The blizzard I was talking about last week was a blessing in disguise. We went out that night and shoveled Mindy's driveway, a less active member, and then we went around her neighborhood asking if we could shovel people's driveways for free. After they got over the shock that people would do something like that they were quite grateful. We got a return appointment with a family this Wednesday night. And on the way home, we found a guy who is interested in learning more about our message. Super cool guy named Eric. We have an appointment to see him this Friday. And he is actually really interested. Hopefully, we can help him. 

Ryan is doing good. We were going to meet with him Tuesday but 'the yard' went on lock down due to the snow. No one went in and no one went out. So we taught him Thursday. He texted us before, saying that he had read through the gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet and he had no questions...and felt good about it. So we asked him to read Alma 32. In preparation for that lesson, I also read Alma 32 and was thinking about how the lesson would go and how we could help Ryan. I felt like that lesson was going to go really smooth.  It was cool. So, we followed up on what he meant when he said that he felt good about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We asked where he was as being ready to be baptized. He said, "On a scale of one to ten?" We said sure. And he said ten. haha He loved Alma 32 and so he was sharing with us what stood out to him. Well, the spirit guided our preparation so it was just all super smooth. I love when you can see the spirit guiding you and helping the missionaries be more effective. That's when you really feel like God is in control of His work. So, we asked Ryan when he wanted to be baptized and he chose the eighth of February. We are stoked for him. We need to meet with him quite a bit this week and then, Elder Riddle our district leader needs to interview him. Hopefully, all of that goes well. Ryan announced that he was getting baptized on Feb 8th to pretty much all of the mids. haha It was cool. Everyone clapped. haha We are meeting with him tonight and it should be sweet! 

So the day after that, we had the mission conference with Elder Nielson! That was awesome! I could have listened to him speak all day long. It was kinda cool, he told us about how before he came out to speak to us he was in the Bountiful temple praying to know what message he needed to share with us missionaries.  Then, he hopped on the plane and flew out here. He asked us to think about our perfect day. Then, he asked if our perfect day we thought of was our mission. Because, it should be! He talked about how serving a mission is like one on one time with the Lord. It is our time to get to know Him and learn all we can from Him. It is our time to give Him all our heart might mind and strength. It was cool because I went in with the question of how can I give more of myself to the Lord? And, he talked about that a bit. He talked a lot about how the mission is one on one time with the Lord, and it will be the only time in life when we are in that position. It is true and it really is a neat opportunity. I have thought a lot lately about this. Mosiah 2:34 says, render unto God all that you have and are. I read that and it has been on my mind constantly for the longest time. I have really been pondering that a lot lately. Elder Nielson didn't specifically tell me what I needed to do but he did give some great insights on it. And I learned a lot. So yeah.. it was the best day. It was too short.. . He only talked for like two hours... haha which was really sweet. He also shared a lot of what it was like being a general authority. You can tell that he just loves it. He is so excited about being about our Father's business. He is a super neat guy. You guys should read his bio. He has had an awesome life. haha His commentator nickname was "the Gif" haha Fun fact... 

Saturday, we went down to Arlington. It was so cold. It was kinda miserable. We picked up all of the wreaths in the cemetery and froze to death. Then, we went over to see the tomb of the unknown soldier and we got there right before they were about to change the gaurd so we got to see that. It was pretty cool. Being outside that long in the cold got me pretty sick though.... I'm feeling miserable at the moment. But who else can say they did that on their mission? So it was pretty cool. I did take pictures too. Hopefully, I remember to send them. That night, we had dinner with the Dembia family! That is always a blast! They are so fun! And Sister Dembia came to church again this week! We are stoked that she has been coming! And we watched a video about temples with them that night and the nonmembers in the family were asking a bunch of questions and were interested in the answers. So that was cool. Before dinner there, we stopped by a less active guy who is like 84. We knock on the door and he answers. He let us in and then asked who we were. We told him the mormon missionaries and he informerd us that he didn't want to be preached to and we should leave. But he missed his chance, he had already let us in. So I just started talking to him like we would a street contact. We started talking and then his wife came out and we started talking to her. Very persistant, just question after question, making good conversation. Finally, after like five minutes they were just like, "Alright, just go sit in the living room." haha So we got in. Turns out they are super interesting people and we had a great visit. At the end they told us we could stop by anytime! haha It was sweet. So now we have some more people to talk to. We also had great success doing the same thing with another part-member less active family eariler in the week. It was awesome. We had a great week this week.

Oh, huge highlight for the week - in the Book of Mormon, there are six places where it uses the phrase "one by one".  I finally found all six. I'm pretty excited about it. I have also thought a lot about what that phrase means lately as I have looked for those six instances. Most of the time, when this phrase is used, the Savior is doing something. And, it is really cool to think about how our Father in heaven and our Savior know us individually and work with us on a one on one basis. It has been really fun to look for those scriptures and think about what each one teaches. 

Hey, I've gotta run now.. I'll talk to you guys later!! Have a great week!!! 

Love you guys! 
Elder Hinkle

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