Monday, March 3, 2014

February 24

Hey Guys! 

I'm jealous of the weather you guys seem to be having, but I can't complain too much. Our weather is getting much better. We saw the sun today! Warmer weather is really nice. I was fortunate enough to spend the winter outside this year and saying that I can't wait for spring is an understatement. 

Anyway... We have had a great week. It feels like it wasn't long since I talked to you guys last. It was Tuesday, right? Yeah, then we went to the temple the day after.. The temple was incredible! Oh, that was such a great opportunity to visit the house of the Lord. It was a very neat experience. I really felt like I was in the Lord's house. It was unreal. We can get so close to heaven in the temple... it's like it is right there... I felt so honored to be able to go in. Having a current temple recommend is so great. It's like a personal invitation from the Savior to visit him in His home. The peace that is felt in the temple was so powerful that day... I'm not sure I can say too much more to descibe it. It was just perfect peace. I really felt in tune with the spirit while I was there and I recieved some solid personal revelation. What a blessing it is for us to be able to go to temples! I miss having the bountiful temple seven minutes away from me. You guys have got to take advantage! It is the place to be. I left feeling reinvigorated and ready to step it up and really dedicate myself more to God. The feeling was just so very noticeable after not having been in so long. T And it made the experience that much better. Anyway... long story short... everyone should go to the temple. 

Anyway... we also moved apartments this week! Our new place is pretty sweet. Ok, that doesn't do it justice... it's awesome! We have a bedroom, study room, two bathrooms, a living room, and a sweet kitchen. It's actually a condo... yep..I'm living in a condo... They are just prepping this area for sisters. I can feel it. It's too nice... haha You would not believe this place is a missionary apartment. I mean it's not as nice as some of the others I have seen but still... its really nice. We moved in over the weekend. 

We had an awesome Valentines day party with the ysa here. It was pretty fun. We didn't play anything because of how many people showed up. There was a fantastic turn out! We saw some less actives there who almost never come. Plus some nonmembers showed up. Super successfull event. 

After that I left my area for the latter half of the week and went on exchanges with one of my zone leaders, Elder Day. It was a fun exchange. That night we got to go to the army navy wrestling match with a less active in the ward! So much fun! Elder Day was supposed to send me the pictures but that hasn't happened yet... but dang... Those guys were good. They were in such good shape. We know two of the wrestlers on the team because they are members of the ward. It was a pretty fun night. The next day, I was still on exchange, we do two days now; that whole day was crazy. People kept canceling. One investigator we were having lunch with just got up and left... We aren't sure what happened there.. haha Just crazy stuff like that happened. Elder Day wasn't too happy about it, but we played basketball that night with some less actives and that ended the night on a good note. According to the trend of the the last two exchanges, miracles happened in our area when I left. Which is good. haha Elder Holt visited Mindy and shared a spiritual message. Then the member who went with them, Bro. Dudley, invited her to taco night at his house. She then asked if she could have visiting teachers! We talked to the rs pres and now Sister Dudley is her visiting teacher. boom. Miracles! I will keep you posted on how taco night goes! haha Cant wait! 

Last night, we had dinner with the Wallworks. This was sweet. So every Sunday at four, we do an fhe for the Wallwork fam and teach them a missionary lesson. We pull out all the stops. We use the pamphlets and the scriptures and it's awesome. They have kids who are 8-11. Perfect practice for teaching simply. And they are fun kids too so our visits are a blast. Anyway, this last Sunday, we taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then the Wallworks had invited us and the Dembia family over for dinner right after! Two of my favorite families in the area in the same place! With delicious chicken tacos! It doesnt get much better than that! So we had a great night. We snagged a ride back to our aprtment from the other elders around 6:30 to pass along the boxes we used to move. A member needed them to pack stuff and Elder Day was going to deliver them. So we were at our apartment pretty early. We kinda ran out of things to do that night after about an hour. So we had about one more hour left of the night. We made some sweet street contacts! One of them was one of our neighbors. He wants to come play ball with us some time, so we are going to make it happen. Super cool guy. He is about to have a baby and about to get married. I'm sure he has a lot of questions that he will one day ask the missionaries. It's gonna happen. 

There isn't a ton more highlights this week. We had to take a lot of time packing and moving and what not. There was a lot of stuff. I still have stuff to unpack. I'm tempted to just leave it all packed up till transfers... but I probably won't... 

We are having a zone conference tomorrow. A big one. It's from eight in the morning to four that night. That's crazy. President will be there. Rumor has it that we are getting ipads. I'm not sure I buy it but if we are there for that long it better be good. haha Luckily lunch is provided. Very important small print. 

No new news on Ryan... we keep meeting with him and he is doing great. No news on the parents though.. ugh... They are really busy apparently. Kind of a bummer but Ryan is in a pretty good situation. He has a lot of solid member friends and he enjoys church and our activities. I'm not too worried as long as we maintain good contact with Ryan.

Isn't it crazy that February is almost over!? It is almost March! And you know what that means... one more month until general conference!!!! I'm feeling the hype! It's building! haha but seriously though.. I've almost been out for ten months. It doesnt even feel like it at all. It's maddness. 

We walked to the library today... I left my bag home.. So I forgot my Book of Mormon.. I feel like a tennis player without a racquet. But anyway.. I am in the war chapter right now. I just read the story about Helaman's army taking the city of Antipus. I love the verses that talk about the strippling warriors. I am sure that if the lived today they would all be elite athletes. Why? Because their mothers taught them. haha... Missionary jokes... Anyway, the reason I a missing el libro de mormon is because I wanted to reference some of those verses. The nephite army in that region of the country were fighting the Lamanites. Helaman's army was like the army of champions. In one particular instance they are in a battle along with the other Nephite armies against the ferocious Lamanites. The Lamanites were having a pretty good day and some of the Nephites were ready to turn back and flee. Helaman's army fought "firm and undaugnted" I love that. The pressure was on and these warriors stayed strong. In the next verse, it descibes thier faith and how they executed every command with exactness. Not only were they still fighting, they were fighting to the best of their ability. In a situation where their fellow Nephites were failing, they were undaunted. They continued performing at a very high level and turned the tide of the battle. The Nephites rightly attribute the victory to these young men, and they rightly attributed their success to their faith and their undaunted exactness. I love that. None of them died. All of them were wounded but the were all preserved by the power of God because of their faith. Moral of the story, listen to your mothers. And also when we are in pressure situations where our beliefs or standards are challenged, obey with exactness. Step up as a disciple of Jesus Christ and stand tall. Come up big in the pressure situation and make the right play. That's what it is all about. 

Oh! I really gotta go! haha SORRY! TALK TO YOU NEXT WEEK! 


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