Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 17, 2014

Hey guys! It was good to read your letters today! Happy father's day to Dad and Grandpas! .. and the other fathers. Someone wished me a happy father's day on Sunday.... and then asked if I had kids.. flip! I'm too old!! I could not believe it.. haha Anyway, happy father's day! The family history focus at Scott's house sounds pretty sweet! That was a cool idea! Its neat as missionaries, we encounter some people who don't want anything to do with us but when we mention family history and the family history center nearby, some of them open right up and are really interested in that kind of stuff. We had stake conference this week, which was an awesome meeting, and a young man from our ward spoke on family history. He has truly caught the spirit of Elijah and has found over 200 names and is in the process of taking all of them to the temple for proxy baptisms. He did all of this recently. That's ligit! Talk about hastening the work of salvation! As he was speaking, you could tell that getting involved in that work has really brought the spirit into his life.  As he spoke about the blessings of temple work for us and for our ancestors the holy ghost truly did testify to me that family history is a great work! So for you guys getting involved at home good luck! It seems hard to me... don't know how to do any of it, but Scott taught you guys, so you can do it!! And God will help you. Oh, and its worth it, so you should do it. Especially for the kids that can drive, Utah is pretty great because there are temples everywhere. So they can find names and go to the temple. That would be a fantastic way to bring the spirit into your life during your high school years when there are so many other influences around you which are not so great... Just saying, if you do temple work God's grace will spill into other areas of your life and he will help you with everything else you are doing! 

But yeah, we had a great week this week! I was on exchanges from Tuesday to Thursday so I missed a little bit of the action in the Columbia second ward but a lot of good things happened. So I wasn't there. I was in Ellicott City. We had a fantastic exchange. The first day, we went over to a families house where the dad is active/recent convert. He converted because his wife got him into it. Now, his wife is less active and his son claims he does not believe in God. Ouch. But we went over and the elders there had previously set up teaching them the missionary lessons. So we went in to do just that. Initially, the wife wasn't too happy we were there - she was watching reruns of the French Open, so its understandable. but we got everyone together and we had a fantastic lesson. It was the first visit, so we set expectations for further visits and we talked a lot about how they could get the most out of our visits and talked a lot on how to recognize the holy ghost and how the holy ghost testifies of things which are true. And it went great. The spirit was there; everyone was included and participating. As we left, the wife commented that she was glad we came. She told us how she wasn't looking forward to it before we came but now, she was glad that we did come because of the peace she felt come into the home. Perfect! Then, we also had a great meeting with their newly called ward mission leader telling him all about his calling and what not. Updating him on the area and what's happening right now in the Ellicott City area of the mission field. That was fun too. The rest of this week, we have had  good days - brother Weiss prayed with us, brother Wight is back around and he is excited to introduce us to his wife and invite her to church - she is not a member. and he knows nothing about the church really.  But he loves us and we are going to try to bring him back and bring his wife into the fold with him. He is a funny guy. We have also been talking to a ton of people lately... like last week. So hopefully, some of these people we are meeting will turn into investigators. 

In other news, I am staying in Columbia for six more weeks!! Good news! And elder Christensen is staying with me. So, yeah. We are excited about that. Like I said, I could stay here for a while. I like Columbia. It has been very nice weather here lately. I don't feel like it has been too hot or humid yet. Its just been really nice. Rains a bit too often but that's Maryland. The other day, we were walking around looking for some people to talk to and there was just no one outside, because it was about to rain. So I was like hey, let's knock on this door. Some random door... the guy there comes out and just starts talking to us like friends. Turns out he is from Florida, vacationing in that house for two days and he has mormon friends back home and has met with missionaries before and he invited us in to talk with him. We talked with him for about half an hour and while we were in there, it rained hard. So we missed the big part of the storm but we left walking in the rain and on the way, we ran into Kevin, who had just gotten home. So we stopped in to talk with him. We were inviting him to church and he pauses us and asked us 
"Do you all shout at your church?" - Kevin
"No" - elder christensen
"Well I do." - Kevin
(elder Christensen tries to be diplomatic)
"So if I stand up in the middle of the church and start shoutin', would people be looking' at me all weird?" - Kevin

Haha It was pretty funny. He will come to church one day, but it wasn't this week. 

I hope you guys have a great week this next week! We will, that's for sure! The weeks are flying by, this is my tenth transfer... I've gotta run though! I will talk to you next week!! 
Also, good fathers day video to watch - earthly father, Heavenly Father. - mormon channel, mormon messages. Watch it! 

I love you guys,
elder hinkle

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