Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Hey! I can't wait to watch the Wimbledon final!!! ahhhh!!! I can't believe Fed lost it! I heard he was in the finals on Saturday and I was so stoked!! Fed - Djokovic match up is such a good one! Holy cow... I caught an update on the match in priesthood opening exercises right in the middle, with Fed and Nole tied 1-1 sets 3-3 in the third! ahhh!! I found out later that day that the Djoker won but no one here can really tell me about the quality of play, sounds like it was fantastic though!!! Oh man... thanks for the update! I'm a fan of the detailed report! haha Man... do you guys realize that this was the last time wimbledon will be played while I'm on my mission... Dang, the grass season is over... like, my mission is almost over... there are only two more grandslam events left... just two.. and a lot of good stuff in between but still time goes way to fast.. We are almost half way through July! Dang it! haha hang on... 

Brother Ashley is doing good. They were out of town for a family reunion this weekend but we are going to see them on Tuesday... tomorrow. haha We are stoked about his progress and for his baptism! Fun fact - so elder Ballard came into the mission and when he was speaking he told us that we needed to be talking to more people, because the more people we talk to, the more people we teach, and the more people we teach, the more people we will baptize. He set the standard that we need to talk to at least twenty people each day. So here is the fun fact - every companionship in the entire mission who has been talking to twenty people each day has an investigator on date to be baptized or has had a baptism. Jarom 1:9 and thus we see that the word of the Lord was verified which he spake unto our fathers saying inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments, ye shall prosper in the land. Obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles!!! Lesson learned- always follow the prophet! Our leaders in the church are mighty men in the faith of the Lord! They truly have the spirit of revelation and also prophecy! Our leaders are inspired and called of God. The prophet, the apostles, and so on down to mission presidents, stake presidents, and bishops! What do you know! Always follow the prophet! If we follow the Lord's guidance, which is given through his inspired servants we will reap the blessings that the Lord wishes us to have! That's true in the mission field, and it is true outside of the mission field, in all of your lives! That's pretty neat! Just saying... 

Hopefully, you guys had a great fourth of July! It was a pretty dead night for us. Everyone was either having a party at their house or they were at a party at someone else's house... and they were all in their back yards... No one was on the street that night, except for a few people, which we talked to and that yielded a couple return appointments for the sisters, which is good. But still...

You guys should totally have the elders there teach you all of the lessons! All the way through lesson five!! You guys would love it!! We do that with active members sometimes and it is always a good experience for the families! I love doing that! To me it is a sweet platform for the family members to share their testimonies of those basic fundamental truths. Those are what are important and it is always so powerful when the members of the family answer questions and share their experiences. I'm all about fundamentals.  haha So yeah, do that!!! The spirit will come into the house and you guys will love it! Do it! Do it! Do it! And keep their commitments! - just a tip. Exact obedience brings miracles!

Well, I've got to be off soon. I hope you guys have a great week this week! We sure are, I can tell you that! Thank you so much for all of your prayers! I really appreciate that, as does the Lord, I am sure. 

I love you guys!
elder Hinkle

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