Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Hey guys! We have had a great week this week! It's getting really cold again... This week is supposed to be even colder but today is nicer. Not looking forward to the winter... but oh well.. Sorry, the other missionaries here like to email really early... so I beat your emails to the library. haha My bad. Maybe I will get them before I leave, we will see. 

People wise, brother K is doing great! We had some really good visits with him this week. We taught him about the plan of salvation this week. It went pretty well. We were at brother B's house and brother K loves him. haha We taught the first half and finished by talking about the atonement of Jesus Christ. We emphasized that baptism is the way we receive the gift he wants to give us. We invited bro K to be baptized on the 29th. He said he would but he will be out of town... haha So we extended the date of Dec. 6th. He said he would pray about it. We left it at "we are not making you promise to be baptized on that day, just setting it as a goal." He kinda didn't say anything definitive so we aren't sure ... He has been telling everyone that he is going to be baptized soon though. haha Yesterday in church, I overheard him telling multiple people that he is going to be baptized in a few weeks, so there you go. haha We also invited him to attend a baptism on Saturday. He was stoked about that. So we went and watched this baptism. We met with him about 30 min beforehand to teach him more about what baptism is and that lesson went very well too. Brother K really liked the baptism. When the lady was baptized they forgot to use her middle name and brother K was like, "I cant believe they messed it up! It's like the one time she is going to be baptized and they had to do it again!?" haha I reassured him that we will make sure they do it right at his baptism. haha He wants to meet with us more and is always asking if there are activities he can come to. Unfortunately this branch is not huge on activities. So we are working hard to keep him involved and busy. haha We are meeting with him tonight in another member's home to finish the plan of salvation. We are going to teach with the temple in mind and prepare him for the rest of the week. We hope to have the visit after that with a family history consultant and get him started in family history. Then, this Saturday we are going to go to the temple and the visitors center. Whats up!? haha It's going to be sweet! So yeah, things are looking good for him. He loves the church. It's fun to work with him and the members are being great about welcoming him and welcoming him into their homes. Awesome.

We had dinner with this old guy on Wednesday... We were walking to the car and he was legitimately about to fall over. I caught him mid fall and put him back on his feet but yeah.. I feel bad for the guy. He is a really awesome guy but he has some serious health challenges. Super funny too. Just classic old guy - "I sure am glad you caught me elder." haha Just as calm as ever. 

We have been low on luck with potentials lately. So we don't really have any news about new people. Well, that's not true - we have a return appointment with a lady named E this week. We were going to meet up with them last week but she and her daughter got sick with the flu. So we rescheduled for this week. They seem like a pretty cool family, so hopefully that lesson goes well. I won't be there. I am going on exchanges this week and so I will miss that appointment. 

We are going to have a really good week this week. Good news - I will be here for the highlights too. The temple trip this weekend will be the best. I will try to take some pictures when we go down. And I will tell you more next week. 

Elder Perkins' visit was awesome. He talked about a lot of really good things. I felt like I was seriously called to repentance... He talked about being positive. He only said a little bit about it but that hit me pretty hard. I am pretty positive with regard to everything missionary work related, but I have been less positive in my personal life. Having my ankle injured for so long with no way to fix it anytime soon has been draining. Having to protect it and refrain from doing anything risky has had me saying things like "I can't" a lot. That is not a good thing to say... in fact, it is a very destructive thing to say...  When I was playing tennis I was trying to be very disciplined in my mindset - trying hard to focus on the positive. I think that has kinda faded as I have been on my mission. So I got a solid wake up call this week. It's easy to just get down when you look at all of the problems in front of you. It takes more work to focus on the positive and see things with an eye of faith. There is a language of faith. The way we talk about things and think about things has a great effect on how we feel and perceive what is happening in our lives. I think it especially important for me to try to be more positive when looking at my personal life because it will help invite the spirit to be with me to a greater degree. And that is always good. Discipline is very important. The ability to say this is what I am going to do and then do it, is something that sets winners apart. The discipline required for daily obedience and faith will forge our future. If we discipline our minds to see the world in a good light then we will have a great future ahead of us. Elder Perkins talked about faith grows. He talked about how we can help other people's faith grow and the pattern applies to us as well. The final stage of faith is when it becomes a principle of power. Faith can be a power to the point that when we have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we can make things happen in our lives that could not happen if we did not have faith. The book of mormon teaches plainly that in the strength of the Lord we can do all things. The book is full of people who had faith in Christ sufficient to do things that even they admit were beyond their own power or ability to do. Elder Perkins taught that the key to developing this type of faith is to eliminate doubt and fear. They hold us down. Even the Savior specifically said - 'doubt not, fear not.' He directed us to look unto Him in every thought. And to be of good cheer. That phrase - be of good cheer is one that I particularly like. Inasmuch as we have faith in the Savior, we can be of good cheer. It will make our lives better. 

But some of the things I thought were interesting from elder Perkins... one thing he brought up that I really liked is he asked us "what is the difference between a tool and an instrument?" There were many different answers. His was the best. He taught us that an instrument can be tuned and a tool cannot. One thought that popped into my mind is that makes a tennis racquet an instrument. haha But another thought was closer to what he was talking about. Alma rejoices in his opportunity to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord, this was his joy. Elder Perkins told us to always remember to be an instrument and not a tool. Don't be a tool! haha Let the Lord adjust you and tune you. Repentance is key to allowing that to happen. It's hard to do but brings great blessings. If we will speedily repent then the Lord can fine tune us to perform the work he has in store for us. Our greatest  joy in life will come from doing the work that God has for us to do, when we really let the Lord use us. If I remember right pres. David O. Mckay told us about our personal priesthood interview with the Savior at the day of judgement. Question 3 was the Savior would ask for a reporting of how we used our talents. We are all unique instruments in God's hands and I believe that He wants us to use our talents in his service to the best of our ability. As we walk the path of obedience we will prosper in the land. Life will be good. The question then becomes - what can I do to be more in tune with the Lord? What do I need to adjust in order to do the work He wants me to do in the way he wants me to do it? Harder questions. 

It was good to hear from you guys today! It sounds like you guys are busy as ever. haha Just always remember to devote adequate time to the Lord!!!

I love you guys! 
elder Hinkle

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