Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

Hey guys!!! It sounds like it has been a good week for you guys! I can't believe it has been so warm there! That's awesome! We do not have any snow but it has definitely been pretty cold. That's crazy. haha I would take fifty degree anytime in December. haha

We had a fantastic week! It was really good. Probably the best week we have had here in Pasadena. Starting with last Monday night! We went to the single adult family home evening and we took brother K!  We were a little nervous as we looked around at the small crowd of old ladies who were in the group... apparently not everyone showed up last week, I don't know how the whole group really looks...but it turned out to be awesome! They get together every week and the read and discuss passages from the Book of Mormon. Last week, we read Msh 27 - the conversion of Alma the younger. Awesome chapter! But the best part came in the course of conversation - bro K introduced himself as a new member. And so they started asking him questions. He proceeded to announce to the group that he is going to be baptized. haha! It was pretty funny how it all played out! And brother K loves the single adult fhe! We are going tonight too! He is going to give us a ride there! haha He is really progressing and loving the gospel! We have had something with him almost every night this week! And we have something scheduled with him for every night this week! It is unreal. He is going strong! It's cool to see him making changes in his life. He has great faith. 

Last night, we watched the christmas broadcast with him at brother L's house! And he has been assigned home teachers! Whats up! We are planning the baptism and it is set for that Saturday morning so we can start inviting people! It's going to be fun! We are going to be meeting with brother K like everyday before his baptism to really help him prepare and then we will meet with him lots after to help him keep moving! It's going to be a fun transfer! What a way to gear up for christmas! haha 

We have had a lot of other good success as well this week! Elder M is great! He has a lot of enthusiasm for the work and we have been busy meeting all of the members and stuff. We have been sharing lots of christmas messages! The first night elder M was here we went with the L family to the Pasadena christmas tree lighting. They thought it wasn't going to be a very big event... it was a huge party! haha So we split from the L family and started contacting people! As we were talking to different families in the crowd, we would see brother L pop up in the background taking our picture as we talked with people! haha And he posted it on facebook! haha there is a new initiative here called #socialmediasplit. And whenever we go do stuff with members they are invited to share with their friends that they were out with the missionaries! Pretty cool. 

The feeling here is this area has definitely changed - I like that.  I think it is great and we have had miracles all week long and so we are both stoked about serving here! Score! That makes everything easier! And we have a lot of fun stuff coming up. 

As we are beginning this christmas season, I would bring to your attention this counsel from the Savior - "lay not up for yourselves treasure on earth, where moths and rust doth corrupt, and thieves break through and steal; but lay up for yourself treasures in heaven, where moth nor rust doth corrupt, and thieves do not break through and steal" 3 Ne 13:19-20. The holidays are very commercial these days... There is a lot of focus on what material gifts we want and what we will do with them. If we are not careful our attention is drawn away to the earthly treasures that we desire so much. And it is not so much that wanting things is bad, we just have to remember that many christmas gifts are earthly treasures and do not have as much value. But there are things that christmas brings that are heavenly treasures. Treasures that moth nor rust can corrupt, and no thief can steal. A big one is christmas memories. I have received many many christmas gifts in my life, which things I am grateful for. But more than being grateful for those things, as the years have gone by I am grateful for the memories and the christmas experiences. I remember spending christmas with the family and doing things with you guys. I remember going to both grandparent's house and having big family parties. haha I remember everyone being happy. 

As we anticipate christmas, let us all remember the gift of Jesus Christ offered to each of us by our Father in heaven. It is the greatest gift of all. As much as I used my tennis racquets, I have used the atonement more. I have broken strings often and I have even broken racquets I used them so much.... the atonement will never break. We can always rely on the Lord and use this matchless gift from our father in heaven. Surely the atonement of Jesus Christ is the most used christmas gift of all time, and therefore, the most valuable. What a treasure! It is definitely a cause to celebrate as we look back on the birth of the Savior and His divine mission to redeem the world. 

I have got to go! But I will talk to you next week! Merry Christmas!! By the way, there is like what? 17 days? That's what's up!? I'm still counting down. haha I will talk to you later! 

I love you guys!
elder Hinkle

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