Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 12, 2015

Hey guys! How's it going? We have had a really good week this week. It's pouring rain today, but that's alright, we will be inside for a while at least. haha That's crazy that Fed hit 1000 wins. That is so many wins. Wilson is going to go nuts with that. I'm so glad it looks like he will still be playing when I get home. Good news. 

We got a bunch of snow Tuesday morning. The day before was freezing but green. We went to sleep and we were awakened by a text from the mission office saying that all cars were grounded for the day. haha It wasn't even 6:30am yet and they were already grounding the cars. We looked out the window and everything was dusted with snow. There was a good amount for Maryland. We could still see the tips of the grass at that point though. haha More came later. It snowed pretty much all day. We went around for hours just shoveling driveways and stuff. We went out to a members house and asked to shovel theirs. Then, we asked if we could just take their shovels around the neighborhood. We shoveled so many driveways! haha It was cool. The member we borrowed shovels from is friends with one of her neighbors on Facebook. I guess they posted how grateful they were for whoever cleared their driveway. Something was happening, so it was a big help. We had an appointment to teach this guy named J about the book of mormon. So we walked there with our shovels. Whenever we would see someone shoveling, we would run up and help them finish. It would seriously take us like two minutes. A guy would be starting to shovel and then we would run up - all three of us, because one of the traveling assistants was with us - and we would finish it off so fast. haha It was fun. We made it to J's house. He is one of those people who never asks for help so we had hoped we would be able to shovel his driveway too, but he beat us too it... but that's ok. We went in and had a really good lesson about the book of mormon. 

By the way, I am getting transferred. So that will be fun. Plus, I hear that they have an awesome youth program there. So things look good. I will have to let you know more about it next week. 

I learned a great lesson this week. God is in control of the situation. He knows his sheep and he is in charge of his fold.  But the lesson is - don't murmur! Murmuring is bad.... and it's very easy to do.... it's awful...  but I must clarify... we were not as Laman and Lemuel...We didn't just purely murmur... when Lehi's family hit challenges they murmured. Nephi, on the other hand, was a man of action. He used his agency to act and affect his surroundings. And through him a miracle was wrought that saved the day. I think we were a mix of Laman and Nephi last week... We kind of murmured a lot... But we were set on taking action. We took a lot of action... and it payed off.  In every situation when adverse events occur, the correct action is to do all you can and trust the Lord to help you. The correct thing to do is, never to murmur, ever... haha So yeah.... easy to say, harder to do. There is also a fine line between murmuring and discussing. I think the line is drawn when we stop talking about action. When we just sit back and criticize and complain... that's a waste of time... 

I am excited for this next transfer. It's going to be weird to be a district leader. I'm not sure how I feel about that. But it should be cool. Naturally, I'm one to just keep to myself more... but I won't really be able to do that.... it will be fun though. I am always happy to accept the Lord's call to serve. 

Did you guys read the first presidency message for the month of January? Please say yes.... it was fantastic. President Monson's message has made me think a lot this week. If any of you in the family have not read it, I invite you to read it.  President Monson is a modern day Nephi. Obedience has always been a hallmark of the prophets. It is the first law of heaven. When God tells us to do something we must obey. And we must do so cheerfully. It is the only way to make the best of things. The doctrine of obedience combined with our desire to be truly happy demands that when the Lord asks us to do something, we say yes quickly and completely.  President Uchtdorf taught us that if a plane charts a course that is off by one degree it will end up hundreds of miles away from it's intended destination. Every time the Lord invites us to do something, be it a call from a prophet of God to serve a full time mission, or an invitation from the bishop to perform an undesirable calling, or a text from the mission president telling us to do something - we are forced to adjust our course. Either we accept the invitation and continue flying the straight and narrow path, or we reject the invitation and we alter our course by one degree... if we do so we will not end up where we had intended to be or where the Lord invited us to be... as you read president Monson's address you will see what I am saying....  This is something that I am convinced is true. 

Anyway... I've gotta run. I hope you guys have a great week this week! It was fun to talk to you. 

I love you guys!

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