Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015 Super Bowl

So, as you were watching the super bowl you may have noticed some elements of the competition. There were two teams. Each was led by a coach who was full of wisdom and experience. Well... ok, just go with me on that one. There is no way to be sure. There was one team that was the good team. The coach of the good team will represent the Lord. He is our coach. Through out the entire game, he wears a mic. Through this mic, he talks to his representative on the field - the quarterback. His name is Thomas S. Monson. He's an all-star. Really, really, good. He was on the cover of the Ensign a couple times! The quarterback is the coach's way of making things happen on the field. And the coach is always talking to the quarterback. Except for sometimes, when the team doesn't run the plays he calls, then he gets all mad and rips off the mic. haha For just a moment, the team would be in a state of apostacy. Fortunately, that won't ever happen again because he has put the his team in the game. Led by president Monson, we are all on the team. And this is key, our team wins the game. How we win is by running the plays the coach calls... so the coach tells the quarterback and then the quarter back calls it out. It is then, our most important duty to run the play. The success of the play depends wholly upon the members of the team doing what they are supposed to do. We must sustain the prophet by following his counsel. By running the plays he calls. If he calls out do not drink coffee, then we don't drink coffee. If he calls out don't watch inappropriate media, then we follow his direction. If he calls out to share the gospel with all the world, we respond with all the effort and enthusiasm of a receiver in the super bowl. As we follow the commandments and run the plays we will win. And I testify that we are indeed led by the Lord. That president Monson is His chosen prophet today and we have the world's best play book in the book of mormon. I testify that if we live the gospel, we will not fail in this contest of life. 

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