Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

Hey guys!  Our week was amazing! So many good experiences.  We are working with several people. They are in a most important stage of their life. We are aware that the decisions they make now will impact them possibly for eternity; we are very focused on helping them. This is game time for them and for us! Literally, the fourth quarter. So pray for them!

So...conference is in two weeks! What's up!? General conference and Easter! So sweet! We are going to try to watch conference, at least one session with each of our investigators! It's going to be such an awesome day! I am excited! I remember thinking last conference that by the time we had conference again I would almost be going home... it is crazy how fast that has come! And with all that is happening, time is certainly not slowing down. I remember thinking that it would be really close, but I am still in-between the start and the end, which means I'm in the middle! And it feels like that. I feel like I have been very blessed, I feel very focused and I feel like I am in a very good place right now to do the work of the Lord. And I look forward to watching conference with our friends here, I invite you to prepare now to receive the revelation you want to receive in general conference, and I remind you of the promise that if we are seeking direction from the Lord, answers can be found in general conference if we seek them. And remember to noise it abroad through out all the land that the Lord is speaking to all the people of the earth in two weeks time! That is very exciting! 

I have something for you to do tonight as you read my letter. There is a video on called 'Because of Him.' Watch this video; it's like two minutes long. As you do, think about how Jesus Christ has affected your life. And pay attention to how you feel to recognize the holy ghost. When the video is over, go around in a circle and complete the sentence "Because of Him.....(insert how Christ has affected your life. One sentence) And as you listen to each other, pay attention to how you feel as all of you bear testimony of Christ. That's the holy ghost. I will tell you what's on my mind now. You don't need to elaborate past completing the sentence but I have some more time to write so I will.
Because of Him, I can be my best. It means a lot to me that I can rely on the atonement of Jesus Christ in order to be at my best for these last few months. I rely on Him daily because my best is required daily. And because of Him my mission has been the best two years of my life. Now it's your turn.

I love you guys,
elder Hinkle

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