Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 30, 2015

Hey guys! I have more and more good news for you this week! haha It was an awesome week! Just fantastic! The transfer is almost over... one more week. Call outs are this Sunday. I am hoping that I stay here with elder S for obvious reasons. haha This would be a great place to finish strong. We just have so much going on in the upcoming weeks. Each week from here on out, there is like some big event here. Something to look forward to every week. Its pretty unreal. Conference will be awesome this week! I definitely cannot wait for that! B and N will be in town as well as D, so we are going to try to watch a couple sessions with them. 

President Richards came to my district meeting this last week. haha That was pretty crazy! But it was a really good district meeting and he actually gave us some key insights to our next lesson with J. So that was pretty cool. After the meeting, he took us all out to Cafe rio. That was pretty great too. I didn't eat a ton because I knew we were going to the N's for dinner that same night. They make lots of food, really good food. haha President wanted us to invite bro N to speak in one of our leadership meetings. I hope that happens while i'm still here! So, in my last interview with President, he said we should sit down together on Apr 1st and talk about my plans after the mission... so I have that fun conversation coming up this Wednesday... I can't believe that's here already. I need to get my temple recommend renewed as well.. time flies. I tried to tell President the other day that we should push back our going home conversation so I could just focus on the work and stuff, but he said that would not be a good idea. haha So we are meeting this Wednesday .. what do you do? I tell you what, life is much easier when I just think about my mission.... I'm all about playing point by point. One by one. So after I open that door with president this week, I will close it back up again so I can focus. I don't have too much longer... only seven more letters home... It's pretty crazy.

So the good report about bro P - this is just too good! haha We have continued to meet with him regularly this last week. Our first lesson this week with him was when we taught the gospel of Christ.  As we talked about the gospel and as we got to talking about baptism, we emphasized the doctrine of baptism and then retouched on the priesthood authority. It was all making sense to J and he felt the spirit and we turned to him and told him, "Bro N holds that priesthood authority," and  asked "brother P, how would you feel about having bro N baptize you?" And he was stoked about it! He is all about getting baptized. And then, bro N expressed how honored he would feel to be able to perform that ordinance and how he would do everything he could to be worthy to do so. It was awesome. Bro N is the perfect member to teach with, let me tell you! haha He always shares personal powerful testimony and just let's J know how much he loves him and he invites. He has told us on more than one occasion "if i'm going to do it, then i'm going to do it all the way" haha and he does. He keeps the commitments we extend, he is in 1 Ne 14 last we talked to him. He responds with faith quickly and exactly. It's awesome! I hope I can do the same as I receive messages from the Lord! People who are so ready to act on the message we share deserve missionaries who will equally, if not more readily, act on the promptings they receive in order to help the investigators. We are determined to do all we can for brother P as well as our other investigators. There is so much to do! 

So yeah, lots of good things happening here. It is cool to be a part of it. So the next few weeks -game time! This is my game face >:I Very focused. haha So keep these four people in your prayers.  

And I think that is pretty much my report for the week. It was a great week. We are going to continue working hard here. There is so much to do. We are constantly looking for ways we can help the people we are working with. We maintain daily contact with them, which is good. Anything and everything to help them.  This ward is fantastic. 

Have you seen the church's new Easter video. It is also good. It's called, Because He lives. You will like that one too! 

Well, it was good to talk to you guys today! I hope you guys have a great week and a revelatory experience at the Lord's general conference this weekend. I am very excited! 

I love you guys,
elder Hinkle