Monday, May 4, 2015

April 27, 2015

Hey guys! It was good to hear from all of you this week! Thank you for more birthday wishes. haha Just rub it in... I'm getting old. haha 

Interview with president went well this week. It was pretty quick. We talked about the good things happening in the ward and just followed up about a few things we had talked about before. Then we had the temple recommend interview. It was a privilege to be interviewed again to receive a temple recommend. 

B and N are officially brother and sister G! The wedding was fantastic. We went for the ceremony and stayed briefly to meet the family. It was awesome.  Everything is moving along perfectly for them. We will go over tomorrow night and then see them every night after that leading up to their baptism on Saturday. I will send you another picture next week! It's going to be awesome! We have the interview this Wednesday. They are doing so great. We met their family too. They are all pretty cool. They loved the wedding. It was awesome to see how much the ward has come together to help them out. So, so cool. The baptism will be even better. It's all planned and good to go. Nothing but good things to say about these guys.

D has been going strong as well. She is only two weeks away from her scheduled date. What a miracle that is. The L family has been out of town for the week. They got back last night. While they were gone, they had Debbie stay in their house and asked her to paint their shutters white. They told her we could help her. Brilliant. So we did. We went over a few days this week and helped her paint and spent some time with her. She is in Jacob seven last we talked to her! What a great example for all of us of daily scripture study. 

J- Still the man. While I was with D that night elder Smith was with bro P and the high priest group leader searching out family names for bro P. Then, we are aiming to go to the temple this Thursday.  Bro N cannot come. But sister N can and is willing to do some of his family names, like his mom. That will be awesome! We are still working out the final details of the trip. We tried to wait for bro N but the wait would have been too long. So that will be a blast this week. We cannot do baptisms but we will be there for support. 

C came to conference! That was sweet! He loved it! Elder Hales talked a lot about what we teach our children and how we teach them. C said that part really hit home. Perfect. We are going to see him Wednesday again. And he has read another book of mormon chapter! He is doing great! It is good to see him keeping commitments! When you keep commitments, you receive blessings! So that was good! We have great hopes with him and we are going to set a date with him this week! Unfortunately, it will most likely be after the end of this transfer. He has some lifestyle changes that he must make before he can be baptized. But I think he will do it. 

After church, president M called us and invited us over for lunch! It was a blast! They are an awesome family! We had a great time there! And we talked about their family mission plan. After brother P's baptism, a discussion sparked in their home about how this man had not been invited to learn more in 27 years of living in such close proximity to strong members of the church. And the M's resolved that there was more that they could do. It was cool too see how missionary-minded they were.

I am loving being here. It will be hard to leave. I am glad we have so much to do before then. I feel like I have been able to finish out my mission in the best way possible. It's been sweet.  I wish I had more time. I'll be sure to make these last three weeks count. My time in full time missionary service means more to me than I can express. 

I will talk to you guys next week! 

I love you guys!
elder Hinkle

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