Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 11, 2015

Hey guys! It was good to talk to you yesterday! That was fun! I am glad that you were able to meet B and N! They are awesome! For Jordan and Jenna and Jack - remember this is why we serve missions! To help people like B and N be as happy as we are. B touched on how his mom passed away when he was young. As he has learned about the restored gospel, he has expressed to us his joy in learning that he will see his mom again. One of the big things that resonated with him is that he would see her again after this life. It was a special event this Saturday, as N was baptized in behalf of B's mom. N has never met his mom, but she felt honored to stand in her place and be baptized. They were thrilled as they did the work that B's mom needs to enter the celestial kingdom. The gospel has given this family the hope that they will be together forever, and has also provided the power and the direction they needed to do so. Again this is why we do what we do as missionaries. I wish I could show a before and after spiritual picture of B and N. Then, perhaps you would see even more of the value there is in in the work of salvation. It is the greatest work on the earth. It is a honor and a privilege to be involved in it. 

I give you another reason why we serve as full-time missionaries. One word - D. The baptism was amazing.  We asked her if she had a favorite scripture that she would like to include. She did indeed: 2 Ne 4:28-30. "Awake my soul! No longer droop in sin! Rejoice o my heart and give place no more for the enemy of my soul! Do not anger because of mine enemies. Do not slacken my strength because of my afflictions. Rejoice o my heart and cry unto the Lord and say:O Lord, I will praise thee forever  Yea my soul will rejoice in thee my God and the rock of my salvation." There could not have been a more fitting set of verses.  D was just full of joy that day. Smiling from ear to ear. It was so good to see.  The baptism was well attended. The ward showed great support.  Everything was awesome. The next day, D came to church and was confirmed a member and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was awesome. It doesn't get better than that. To see the gospel effect a change like this in someone's life, especially in the life of someone I have grown to love is a miracle. This is why we serve as missionaries. To be the vessel, to take the Lord's message to his sons and daughters who are perishing in unbelief because they know not where to find the one thing that will help them. They wander in darkness while we are blessed to walk in the light. It is our duty to take that light with us wherever we go. It is our duty to answer the call of the Lord to serve as his missionaries. To be his servants and share the light of Christ with others. 

The Lord has blessed me richly as I have been in His service. Initially, I chose to serve a mission because I wanted to follow the Lord, to do what He wanted me to do. I felt indebted to Him. As my mission draws to an end, I am devastated because I do not want to leave the people behind. It will be hard to come home. I think I will miss my mission every day for the rest of my life. I am grateful that I chose to follow the Lord and do what he would have me do. I am grateful that as I have done so, he has changed me and used me to help other great people. I now feel even more indebted to him. 

Gotta go. 

I love you guys!
elder Hinkle

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